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Name:A Place for Constructive Critique and Improvement
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Constructive critique on art, writing, music, and other creative fields.
[community profile] feedback_studios: A Place for Constructive Critique and Improvement on Your Creative Ventures

This community is all about getting critique and feedback on your creative ventures, music, art, or writing.

1. Be respectful. We're all here for improvement, and improvement can hurt. However, we ask that you are honest and respectful in your critiques. We also ask that you be respectful of the commenters, they are trying to help you improve and have your best interests at heart. (This doesn't mean that you have to apply or even agree with every critique you get, but be respectful, even when turning it down.)

2. Contribute. We do ask that you comment on other people's submissions. This will keep the community running.

3. Use cuts and ratings. Please put all large images or textblocks behind a cut and include a rating. For content that is a PG-13 or above, please put it behind a cut at all times, with a rating, and the (general) reason for the rating. This includes nudity, gore, excessive romantic content, strong language, etc. (the reason may be "continue at your own risk" if you are concerned with spoilers) This is particularly harshly enforced with explicit material that would be rated NC-17 or X.

4. This is for critique. This is not a community for advertising, it's for critique and improvement. Expect suggestions and feedback on everything you post. In the same way, it's not for flaming either. This is about getting creatives to the next level, which while often focuses on what's wrong, it can also be important to give them an idea of what's right.

5. Anyone can critique. You don't necessarily have to be "better" than the original poster to find areas where improvement can be made. You don't have to be able to draw a hand to know what it looks like, and you don't need to be able to write to tell if an action is out of character.

6. Contact the mods. Contact me (or another mod in time) if you have an issue. It's better to avoid arguing with people, so just contact me if you have any issues. I'll do my best to resolve them. If it mandates a change in policy it will be brought up. The easiest way to reach me is private messaging for the time being.

7. Have fun! This whole community is designed to help everyone out, so enjoy your time here!


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Posts are moderated to ensure that all images are cut and ratings are posted.

Reference and resource posts are definitely accepted and welcomed. :D
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